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On behalf of the Rector, I am proud to welcome you to the Office of International Programs and Development. Our office was set up in May 2010 as a response to GIMPA's drive, From Excellence to Greatness. It is also widely acknowledged that 21st century education without an international dimension is rather incomplete. Indeed GIMPA's vision requires active engagement with the global community.

There has always been an international engagement with GIMPA however the rising demand of such engagements has made it all the more necessary to establish a platform that can coordinate all international programmes. In recent years, we have been hosting students and faculty from a number of universities in the United States Europe etc. with a growing list of partner institutions all across the globe. Prospects have been promising and support from the wider GIMPA community has been key to our success in this short period of formal operation.

We hope to broaden our affiliations and strengthen our partnerships and would welcome your support in this direction. You are welcome.

-- Director of International Programmes