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What can I expect on an exchange program to GIMPA

GIMPA's premises is situated at Greenhill, Achimota, on 150 acres of high ground surrounded by the Achimota forest reserve. Our campus provies an absorbing, panoramic view of Accra, stretching from the airport to the business district. The main campus has a serene environment, well-kept lawns, and general greenery that creates a truly natural setting.

You will find top academic, social and recreational facilities quite unmatched here in Ghana. Our Executive Conference centre is a unique hospitality center. Our teaching methods are technology based and our services are dependable. You will find a campus that is unique in its self-sufficiency: we are a family of students, lectures and administrators.

You will experience Ghana culture rich in its diversity, the food, clothes and the many languages as well as a chance to tour the country's landmarks and tourist attractions. Most of all you, will testify to the hospitality of Ghanaians: the warm reception and commitment to our guests is a unique cultural identity that pervades the whole country.

There are always opportunities to interact with students as evenings on campus become vibrant and bustling with students arriving for lectures.

You can expect a secure environment with a 24/7 security services. This means you are free to do just about anything, from jogging in the early morning to hanging out with friends in the evening.