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Mission and Vision


Our vision is to cultivate and nurture the growth of global and diverse perspectives for all stakeholders and provide our students and faculty with an international experience in education in our fields of competence (leadership, business administration and management) whilst exploring new trends around the world.


Our mission is to enhance GIMPA's position as a world-class centre of excellence by providing faculty and staff with an opportunity to contribute to the global exchange of information, ideas, culture, experiences and research and increase opportunities for study, research and collaboration with other institutions abroad.


The office is charged with promoting, assisting and coordinating all international activities throughout the Institute.

Functions of the office include;

  • Work with students, faculty and Management to enhance GIMPA's role as an international institute of education and research in Africa.
  • Coordinates the Institute's comprehensive linkages with selected higher education institutions, agencies and departments outside the country.
  • Engaging partner institutions to explore our research potential in collaborative efforts on global issues.
  • Organise and conduct study/internship abroad programmes.
  • Provide various services and advice to international students, scholars and all stakeholders.