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The benefits of being an Alumni member include having access to a larger network of professionals that are made up of key members of our society including industry professionals, business men and local, state and National leaders. This increases ones access to business opportunities, mentorship and overall assistance in many areas in professional life.

Alumni ID card

GIMPA alumni are entitled to use University facilities such as computer labs and libraries with a current Alumni photo ID card. Your ID card is considered valid for two years and must be renewed by contacting the Alumni office.

Please Note:

All campuses are accessible to alumni with a valid Alumni Photo ID card during the hours of 8:30am to 8pm only. Computer labs and libraries are closed to Alumni during finals, Congregation and holidays when the University is closed.

Please make an appointment with Alumni Relations at the corporate affairs office to receive your Alumni photo ID card

For more information, contact us at or +233- (0)302-421647

Computer & Library Privileges

GIMPA alumni with a valid alumni photo ID are welcome to use our computer labs. GIMPA alumni are welcome to use the University libraries by showing a GIMPA Alumni ID card. Alumni can access books, journals, computers, and reference services within GIMPA libraries free of charge.

Show your GIMPA pride!

GIMPA alumni merchandise and apparel are available at the corporate affairs office at GIMPA.

Special Retail Discounts

GIMPA alumni office in conjunction with certain retail stores are offering discounts ranging from 5%-20% to card bearing alumni.