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Dean's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to the GIMPA Business School website.

GIMPA has long been a leader in management training in Africa and the World. Building on our well-earned reputation, we continue to set ourselves apart through our high-caliber faculty and staff, whose immense resourcefulness sustains the Business School and its students.

Given GIMPA’s history, the Business School has developed programmes that appeal to a broad range of students – from those who work full-time and wish to upgrade their skills for enhanced productivity, to recent high school graduates. Indeed, GIMPA’s success depends on its ability to adapt in response to the changing needs of its target groups and the nation as a whole.

Thus, although we continue to serve the needs of our traditional working student, we have added a new crop of students who are fresh graduates from high school. These younger students have so far demonstrated a high level of intellectual curiosity and maturity that embodies the GIMPA spirit.

The mission of GIMPA Business School (GBS) is to pursue excellence in the provision of high quality management education for a diverse student body through innovative programs, outstanding faculty, superior facilities and efficient internal management systems. We seek to provide a conducive, supportive and intellectually stimulating environment in which people are equipped to address significant challenges in the business world and broader society.

We pride ourselves in training the best industry minds and converting them into active leaders in Ghana and beyond. Indeed, our reach into the business community and the broader Ghanaian society is unparalleled in the country. As we develop strong links with business and industry, we hope that we can come together to create a global and sustainable business environment that funds national development for all. That is, our objective is to create leaders of responsible business who will care for the total wellbeing of our nation, its resources, its enterprises and its people.

This website provides you with a small window into our School and the opportunities that we offer. We hope you enjoy your visit and you will contact us if you need any further information. We look forward to seeing you in one of our programmes in the near future.

Prof. Samuel Kwaku Bonsu