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Policy Briefs

Policy Implementation Gap: A multi Country Perspective Issues 1

Health policies once adopted are not always implemented as envisioned to achieve the intended outcomes. The challenges associated with policy implementation create gaps widely attributed to factors ranging from problematic policies to lack of governance and resources

Ghana's Response to National Emergencies and Disaster Management: An Advocacy for a Multi-sectoral Approach. Issues 2

Response to disaster and emergencies such as floods, bushfires, drought, deforestation, collapsed buildings, infectious disease outbreaks, unsafe food and water contamination, and road accidents have been adhoc, haphazardly planned and poorly supported.

Sustainable Development Goals: How far is Ghana in the first 1000 days of the SDGS (forthcoming) Issues 3


The Role Social and Behavioural Change Communication Plays in the Advancement of Sexual and Reproductive Health for Adolescents in Ghana. Issue 4

Adolescents in Ghana face potential health risks that signal the need for continued efforts to
support the delivery of quality health services to young people. This policy brief highlights
the importance of a more concentrated effort to include Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC) practices as part of a crucial move to improve the sexual and reproductive health of young people in Ghana.