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Hatton Academy/GIMPA Slip Boat

Hatton Academy/GIMPA Slip Boat

Dr. Bernard AcquahObeng of the GIMPA Business School and Professor Alistair Anderson of Robert Gordon University have co-authored a paper titled "The Social Constraints on Entrepreneurship in a Poor Ghanaian Fishing Community (OcanseyKope)".

The paper which was presented at the African Business and Entrepreneurship Conference at Syracuse University, New York identified various difficulties facing the fishing community. The publication of this study generated a project titled "Hatton Academy/GIMPA/OcanseyKope Boat Project" in which a team from Hatton Academy in the UK has devised a simplified gearbox which could be used by artisanal fishermen in developing countries.

A two hour demonstration took place on June 28, 2016 at the Middle Nene Sailing Club by the students of Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, the course tutor Mr. Neville Marsh and Dr. Bernard Obeng, GIMPA representative on the project.

This project has been featured in Marine Model Magazine and Northants Telegraph and also supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK and other local companies. An old 12-foot fiber-glass hull has been acquired and a new industrial engine together with a full-sized version of the gearbox has been fitted.

The boat will be transported to Ghana and donated to Ocansey Kope fishing community in August, 2016. The Slip gear box technology will be transferred to the local people for commercialization.