Greenhill Journal of Leadership and Governance (GJLG)

The GREENHILL JOURNAL OF LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE provides a rigorous and multi-disciplinary forum for thought-provoking analysis and debates on topical issues in the areas of Law, Governance and Public Policy, Business and Entrepreneurship, Technology, Economic and Social Development and Public Financial Management. It provides a space and platform where practitioners can share their experiences and for academics to also publish their work.
Submissions must be original in content and analyse significant policy issues, with a view to offering constructive solutions. Submission may be in the form of feature articles, commentaries, field notes, review articles and book reviews.
The journal is published bi-annually (two issues each year) and managed by an Editorial Board appointed by the Governing Council. All submissions should contain original ideas on leadership, management and administration aimed at strengthening governance and economic development and transformation in Ghana, West Africa and the African continent broadly.
Practitioner papers could be in the form of position papers, policy briefs and could be as short as 2000 words or as long as 4000 words. There should be an Executive Summary of not more than a page for practitioners’ work.
Academic articles must be 4000-6000 words long and must have an abstract of not more than 150 words, maximum of 5 keywords placed immediately at the bottom of the abstract and discussed in not more than six (6) sections, commencing with an introduction and ending with a Conclusion. As well, contributors may have sections touching on Method, Theoretical/Literature Review, Results/Findings and Recommendations. Submissions must be typed in Microsoft Word, font size 12 throughout. Footnotes and abstract should be in font size 10. Times New Roman character must be used throughout including for footnotes. The preferred spelling of words is UK English.
All submissions are to be written using the latest version of APA See Link.
Submissions which do not strictly comply with these guidelines will not be considered.
GREENHILL JOURNAL does not accept or charge submission or processing fees. Copyrights for all published articles shall be retained by GIMPA. Authors shall receive notification of receipt of their submissions. Authors whose articles are accepted for publication will also be notified via email which they are to provide during submissions. All submissions are to be made electronically to
The GREENHILL JOURNAL uses ‘double-blind’ reviewing for all academic articles, where the names of the reviewers are hidden from the Author, and the names of the Author(s) are hidden from Reviewers.

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