The Library provides quality front desk, information retrieval, circulation and reference services at the Electronic, Law, Lending and Reference libraries. Print and non-print resources are easily accessible to the GIMPA community. The Library also provides information literacy skills (ILS) and research writing skills training to the GIMPA community.

Electronic Library (E- Library)
The Electronic library is situated within the Graduate Block and provides information retrieval service using a wide range of electronic databases and other online resources (see ‘List of Subscription and Free Electronic Databases’ on ‘E-Resources page’). Patrons can also access the electronic databases through campus wide Wi-Fi. This unit handles the institutional repository, a digital database created using D-Space (an open source freeware). There are a pool computers and Internet connectivity to assist patrons’ complete assignments, term papers, research and consultancy activities and academic projects.

Law Library
Located on the third floor of the GIMPA Law Faculty, the Law Library holds Law textbooks, Government Publications including the Acts of Ghana, Legislative Instruments (LIs), Law Reports, Committee and Commission of Enquiry Reports, the Constitution, past questions, dictionaries and newspapers. There are also online databases that can accessed from the list of list of E- resources on subscription. Materials at the Law Library are currently for reference use only.

Lending/Circulation Services
Situated in the Governor’s Block, the Lending Library holds textbooks that supports GIMPA programmes. Materials at the unit can be borrowed for a specified period.

Reference/Research Library
The Reference Library is also located in the Governor’s Block with materials for reference purposes only. The unit holds a collection of Text Books, Dissertations, Theses, Project Works, Past Questions, Newspapers, Periodicals, Gray and Rare Documents of the institute and Ghana. Other reference materials include some hard copy journals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, almanacs, special collection on Gender, Women in Management, World Bank publications and The Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme (JITAP) resources on Multilateral Trade Systems (MTS) and related topics. JITAP is a multi-country, multi-agency capacity building programme that seeks to strengthen national knowledge base on the Multilateral Trade System (MTS) in partner countries.

Library and Information Literacy Skills (ILS) Training
In line with the Library’s commitment to encourage lifelong skills, the Library embarks on rigorous ‘hands on’ Information Literacy Skills (ILS) and Research Writing Skills training for the GIMPA community. The training includes information on general library use of available resources, bibliographic and information retrieval instructions, use of specialist databases on subscription and other resources, internet search types, web directories/portals, meta search types, search strategies, evaluation of information and awareness of misuse of the internet, database citations and referencing using APA 6th edition Patrons are taken through Research Writing and Publishing Skills including plagiarism, intellectual property, copyright, fair use and permission, hands-on citation referencing and reference management tools and their use. The ILS and Research Writing instructions improve patrons’ awareness of the vast resources and services available for teaching, learning, research and consultancy and outreach activities as well as develop information handling skills. These also help develop a generation of users with orientation for lifelong learning, ethical use of knowledge and information, increase Library membership and materials borrowed.

Photocopy Service
This is provided by third parties at the Law and Reference Libraries and the Business Centre at the Executive Conference Centre (GECC)

Other Information
1. There are campus wide Wi-Fi and internet routers in all the Libraries
2. No Tags No Bag/No food/drinks/fluids/phone calls/etc policies apply in the libraries.

Contact Information
Phone: (+233-302) 401681/401682/401683/402540
Ex 2120/2197/2175/2035


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