How to Apply

When you identify the programme of your choice, kindly click on the hyperlink which will take you to the registration section. Forms are available and are to be filled online. Registration forms for non-examinable courses are free of charge. Forms for examinable courses as indicated in the brochure as certificate courses, are at the fee indicated against them. Applicants are to ensure that the form is complete and filled before submission, otherwise it will not be considered as a valid application. For examinable courses, nominees are expected to attach scanned copies of their academic certificates and a recent (not more than 6 months) passport sized picture. Payment for the form will be made online.
The information on the registration form will be used to generate a unique ID number which will be used for all future training or academic programmes at GIMPA. Applicants who already have this number will be required to provide it for your registration to be made effective. After completing and submitting the form, applicants may click on the payment link to pay the appropriate fees. All registration procedures should be completed at least seven (7) working days to the start of the programme.

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Cancellation of registration: You may cancel your registration at least five (5) business days to the start of the programme. You will be required to notify the programme advisor via email or a phone call stating the reason for cancellation of registration. Twenty five percent (25%) of the fee paid will be held as penalty for cancellation of registration. In case of late cancellation (cancellations made less than 5 days to the start of the programme), fifty percent (50%) of the fee will be held as penalty to cover for administrative charges. If an applicant fails to show up for the programme without prior notification, hundred percent (100%) of the fee will be withheld by ALET.

Postponement of programme by ALET
Should the programme be rescheduled, the registered applicant will be notified at least three (3) days to the start of the programme. You may request for a refund of the fee paid or hold it against the next programme.

In case of cancellation or postponement, you have the right to request for a refund of the applicable fee. You will be required to send a letter through the Director of ALET to the Director of Finance of GIMPA and copying the Programme Advisor. This may be done electronically. In the letter, you will be required to state the account number into which the refund must be made. You will also be required to attach a copy of the proof of payment.

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