Our Services

We provide skills and competency-based learning programmes, technical advisory and other management related consultancy services to develop and enhance managerial and organizational capacities in Ghana and the West African sub-region.


  • Strategic Planning and Corporate Planning – Creating and implementing blue prints
  • Project Evaluations
  • Managerial Review and organizational Development – Aligning systems, business processes and structures
  • Policy and Program Development – Policy writing, programme Development and Project management
  • Performance Management – Developing measures for improving the performance of people, processes and systems
  • Social Research and Community Development – Applied Social Research
  • Procurement Management – Public Procurement Planning and procurement Audits
  • Human Resource Management – Creating and redesigning Organizational Structures and Systems
  • Financial Management – Improving the value of businesses and institutions
  • Capacity Building – Empowering Individual Organizations with higher skills

Tailor- made training Programmes

Workshops and courses are designed to suit the specific needs of clients, with content based on existing modules:

  • Conflict Management
  • Facilitating change processes
  • Leadership  Training
  • Process consultation
  • Teambuilding Skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Procurement Training
  • Performance management training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Training
  • Basic Finance
  • Financial planning and Forecasting
  • Proposal writing
  • Community Development Training
  • Customer Care

Duration, content, methods, location of these trainings can be customized to your needs.

 Open Entry Courses

  • Goods & Equipment Workshop
  • Works Construction Workshop
  • Consultants’ Services Workshop

Information for Open Entry Courses

All GCS courses are open to participants from both the public and private sector organisations. You can contact the GCS secretariat for registration forms to enroll on any of our courses.

Course fees and Venue

Course fees include course materials, field trips, snacks and lunch during the course day. The training courses take place at GIMPA in our excellent training facilities.

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