Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Directorate is the central focus for academic administration of the Institute and is responsible for the management, coordination, and delivery of academic related services within the student life cycle, and the associated data management. The Directorate deals with academic affairs of students, and oversees arrangements for admissions, registration, examinations, academic ceremonies, and coordinates academic policies.

There are five main units under the Directorate: the Director’s Office, Admissions & Students’ Services, Records, Examinations and Ceremonies, and the External Relations Affairs/Academic Board Matters Units.

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A brief message from the Director:

Welcome to the Academic Affairs Directorate. The student’s experience is very important to us and we aim to provide excellent services to both students and staff. We work in close partnership with our customers (internal and external) to provide quality services in support of the Institute’s mission and vision.

The Director’s office has general oversight of the Units of the Directorate

The Unit is responsible for the advertisement of all academic programmes and ensures that the various schools/faculty adhere to all admission processes and also keep admission statistics. The unit also delivers orientation for freshmen and women to help them navigate university life in GIMPA.
Students’ services provided by the unit include the issuance of:

  • Attestation letters
  • English proficiency
  • Introductory letters
  • Letters of introduction for travel visas for students
  • Letters for international students for immigration matters
  • Confirmation/verification of students’ credentials
  • General enquiries

Student Request Forms

Attestation Letters
Attestation letters are issued upon request by graduated/continuing students to introduce them to an organization or institution. The letter indicates the status of the student and may also be issued in lieu of lost certificates.

Introductory Letters
Introductory letters are issued upon request by continuing students to introduce them to High Commissions/Embassies in Ghana, companies for internship among others.

The Unit is in charge of managing student’s records, processing, and issuing certificates and transcripts of academic records.

Steps in collecting certificates
• Pay approved graduation fee
• Complete clearance form (which can be picked from the Directorate)
• Submit receipt of payment of graduation fee
• bring along a National ID card


The Unit is responsible for the central coordination, checking, and printing of all examination scripts with the timetabling team. The Unit also works closely with the Schools /Faculty/ Satellite Campuses and Centres to administer examinations, as well as train and appoint invigilation assignments.
The Unit coordinates the academic ceremonies of the Institute namely; matriculation and graduation. The Unit also supports the graduation ceremonies of the University Colleges affiliated with the Institute.

The Unit is a liaison between the Institute and Affiliate Universities, and all External and Regulatory Agencies that need records, or any information from the Directorate. In addition, the Unit services the Academic Board Decisions regarding the Directorate.

Steps in acquiring introductory letters/attestations
• Pay the services at the bank
• Click Student Request Forms
• Fill the forms and upload the receipt of payment
• After the completion, the Office will be notified
• Requests take a maximum of four working days
• Call +233-(0) 501620138,
0302401681- 3 or 050 140 8302 for further enquiries

For more information/enquires on admissions:
Telephone:+233-(0) 501620138,
0302401683 (Ext: 1074, 2288 and 1209).

For more information/enquires on records:
Telephone:+233-(0) 501620138,
0302401683 (Ext: 1074 and 2288)
Graduation ceremonies:
For more information/enquires on examinations and academic ceremonies:
Telephone: +233-(0) 501620138,
0302401683 (Ext: 1074 and 2288)
External Relations:
For more information/enquires on examinations and academic ceremonies:
Telephone: +233-(0) 501620138,
0302401683 (Ext: 1074, 1091 and 2288)

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