Academic Registry

The Academic Registry deals with academic affairs of student, academic ceremonies and quality assurance. The unit is the central focus for academic administration at GIMPA and is responsible for the management, coordination and delivery of academic-related services within the student life cycle, and the associated data management.

The Registry works in partnership with the schools and divisions to provide proactive, flexible and customer-focused professional, quality service in support of the Institute’s mission and strategic priorities. The Academic Registry provides the following services to both internal and external clients:


  • Administration of Examinations
  • Performance of Academic Ceremonies
  • Issuance of Certificates and Results Slips
  • Issuance of Transcripts of Academic Records
  • Attestation Letters
  • Attestation to Proficiency in the English language
  • Letters of Introduction for Travel Visas for Students
  • Letters for Foreign Students for Resident Permit
  • Disciplinary Actions Involving Students Examination Malpractices
  • Appeals and Complaints from Students
  • Advisory Services with Regards to Academic Rules and Regulations


  • Verification of Students’ Credentials
  • Confirmation/Verification of Academic Results and Certificates Issued
  • Requests from Organisations
  • General Enquiries
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