Mission & Vision

The Mission of CLEAR GIMPA is to develop and promote the use of evaluations in evidence-based policymaking to promote development across Anglophone West Africa. It is our belief that a strong grounding in the local context and a learning-through-practice approach will drive indigenization and innovation in the evaluation field. We work to support evaluation systems across West Africa by simultaneously strengthening the demand and supply of evaluations by drawing on global best practices and generate knowledge that contributes to a community of scholars and professionals within the evaluation fraternity

The vision of CLEAR GIMPA is to develop and promote the use of evaluations in evidence-based policymaking to accelerate equitable development across Anglophone West Africa.

CLEAR GIMPA as an institution, is mandated to focus on building collaborations, technical expertise, innovation and learning in four main areas namely;
1. The National Evaluation System (NES)
2. The Strengthening Evaluation Practice (SEP)
3. The Strengthening Legislative Oversight (SLO)
4. Strategic Knowledge Management and Research (SKMAR)

The National Evaluation System (NES)
This business line provides assistance for the development of context-specific evaluation practices relevant to the various West African states. The business activities are intended to assist partners to strengthen evaluation systems through; supporting and deepening evaluation knowledge and networking, disseminating of good practices around national systems and persuading governments to increasingly develop infrastructure and commit resources for M&E.

The Strengthening Evaluation Practice (SEP)
This business line aids with supporting higher education institutions to offer quality postgraduate M&E programmes, supporting regional capacity building a community to generate improved access to well-structured high-quality Evaluation Capacity Building (ECB) opportunities, producing standardised and customised training and curriculum development programmes for its partners and conducting research to strengthen M&E practice and capacity building.

The Strengthening Legislative Oversight (SLO)
This business line is intended to strengthen the use of evidence for decision making within the Legislature. The business line activities are carried through studies into the use of evidence by parliamentarians, develop evaluation tools and build evaluation capacity to augment the oversight functions of parliamentary staff, identifying and supporting champions for evaluations within parliament and support partnering institutions to develop legislations linked to evidence use.
Strategic Knowledge Management and Research (SKMAR)
This business line is intended to build a repository of information for knowledge management and learning. Activities are carried by conducting evaluations and research works into innovative areas, providing evaluation technical assistance, identify and capture appropriate lessons learnt and share them for learning and improvement.

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