The Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research (CHESPOR) is a research, training and networking hub in health policy and systems research and analysis (HPSR+A) in West Africa. We provide high level research and training towards the understanding, development and strengthening of the health system in Ghana and the West Africa region. Primarily as a research centre, it aims to draw on theoretical insights and empirical evidence regarding health systems, policy analysis, reforms and challenges, and strategies for future systems improvements. CHESPOR also provides an independent scholarly voice on leading and current challenges affecting health systems in Ghana and neighbouring West African. The Centre will provide four main services: research and development; teaching and training; advisory and consultancy; and policy engagement, advocacy and communication.

The purpose of CHESPOR is to provide leading research, training, networking and advocacy using multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral perspectives, theoretical concepts, current thinking and empirical evidence to understand the health system and contribute towards future developments in health in the Sub-Saharan African region.

CHESPOR seeks to commission and lead excellence in health research; engage multiple stakeholders to support health policy analysis; provide learning opportunities and capacity development in health; and to develop national and international partnerships. This mission will be achieved through the CHESPOR’ efforts to promote health systems research, knowledge translation, capacity building and networking.

The vision of the Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research (CHESPOR) is to become the leading hub for research, capacity building through teaching and training, networking and advocacy in health policy analysis, systems strengthening and current knowledge translation.

Core Values

  • Promoting systems thinking
  • Ethical and Innovative Research
  • Creating and sharing knowledge translation
  • Fostering the translation of research to practice
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