Post Advocacy Dialogue

The purpose of the post advocacy programme is a follow up on a previous programme to map up a draft to submit to the policy was designed about five years ago to focus on preventing violence and abuse as well as providing support for vulnerable families. Empowering children and families to better understand abusive situations and to make decisions. The Child and Family Welfare Policy will ensure the provision of adequate resources to the family welfare policy. However, after five years, it seems the purpose has not been met hence, there need to be some re-adjustments to help make the policy work effectively….. Read more.

Round-Table Discussion on the Child Family Welfare Policy

The Gender Development and Resource Centre of GIMPA on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, organized a round-table discussion on the ‘Child Family Welfare Policy.’ it was in collaboration with DANIDA, International Development Cooperation, the European Union, USAID and BUSAC Fund. The well attended event brought together stakeholders from the education, health, social welfare and the security sectors it was on them:’Enhancing family welfare policy, framework to facilitate youth education and stewardship for a sustainable economy.’ The aim of the programme was to create a sustainable gender equality environment for all….. Read more.

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