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A number of events and activities are planned for the Centre in the year 2016. They include ‘Troubleshooting Law and Governance issues’, workshops, seminars and round table conferences to debate topical political and social issues and identify solutions that can form the basis of policy for the relevant governance issues. The first event for the year is a seminar:

“Giving with the right hand and taking with the left; The supervisory jurisdiction of the High Court and the Supreme Court over the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice”.

The lecture will be delivered by Mr Emile Short, former first Commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice in Ghana.

A debate between all the four schools of GIMPA is in the pipeline to boost student networking and engagement for a common purpose of exchange of ideas. The Centre also invites and welcomes contributions from the GIMPA academic community in particular and the public as a whole in the academic research activities of the Centre. The vision is to enable formulation of policy initiatives and submit them as recommendations to governance institutions for implementation. Some of the suggested topics include:

  1. – Ensuring the Integrity of the Ghanaian Judiciary: the Structural Dimension
  2. – The Law, formation, organisation and sustenance of political parties, ensuring true multi-party democracy in Ghana.
  3. – Getting Women into Elected Public Office in Ghana: The Historical, Cultural and Religious Perspectives.
  4.  – Law, Governance and Development – The Linkages.
  5.  – Any areas of relevant interest are very welcome.


In addition, the Centre’s newsletter and annual journal will welcome publications from all willing to contribute. The JEAM Centre for Law and Governance is built on the already existing high standards in GIMPA and invite all to help make our centres of learning the best in the world. There are provision for capacity building, fundraising and training programmes.

This is no mean task, but the Centre is confident of your support and looks forward to a high degree of participation from all and cannot wait for your contributions.

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