About GIMPA Law

The faculty of law at GIMPA was established in 2010 and has quickly grown from its small size of about seventy students and five full time faculty to boasting of well over four hundred students and twenty-six full time faculty in addition to fourteen adjuncts.

The school boasts of good infrastructure and arguably has the most enduring and visible presence on the serene Greenhill GIMPA campus. It’s excellent performances in the law admissions entrance examinations into the professional program at the Ghana School of Law has added to its emergent sterling image and the school continues to put in place policies and measures that will ensure even better output in the future.

We prepare our students to be the best attorneys and advocates by combining mainstream theoretical training with clinical programs. In the short five years of its existence, GIMPA Law has been a place of choice and continues to provide the best environment for the study of the law and its future practice.

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