Travelling to an unknown place is not always an exciting experience; taking the decision to study Law in Ghana (GIMPA) was accompanied by all the thoughts of facing challenges and planning how to handle them and whether it was all worth it.

The fear of studying in Ghana was accompanied by three categories of fear; the academic methods, the social adjustment and the cultural differences.At the GIMPA faculty of law we are tutored by lecturers who have themselves experience these fears and overcome them hence they made the transition from our various academic method to that of Ghana not easy but as smooth as they possibly could.

Lecturers do their possible best to carry each student along in each session and were patient enough to explain where need be and if the allocated hours were not enough, we are yet to encounter a GIMPA lecturer who turned any student away during office hours or even refuse to answer or interact with a student who approaches them.

After overcoming the academic hurdle, the social and cultural dilemmas seemed to melt away. The faculty environment is certainly set out in a way that fosters social and intercultural adaptability, students are friendly and welcoming; staff members are certainly tolerant and accommodating. Lecturers very fail to incorporate their knowledge and experience of foreign cultures into their sessions which does not only make us feel included but they tend to be beneficial even to the natives.

For most of us foreign students studying law in GIMPA, we came based on recommendations of others, some spoke from experience and others spoke from what they might have heard but one resounding thing that has proven to be true about all these recommendations is that fact that GIMPA faculty of law has accepted and taken the responsibility of creating an environment of not only academic excellence but also designing a learning environment which foster students developments on intercultural adaptability.

We the Nigerian foreign students of the Faculty of Law, GIMPA express our warmest gratitude to the entire faculty and ask that they continue to be excellent even beyond the excellence that is now manifest.

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